Welcome to Armor & Arrows!


“Fashion is the armor, to survive the realities of everyday life.” - Bill Cunningham

Inspired by this quote, Park City-based designer Kristin Silvestri launched Armor & Arrows in 2015 to encapsulate the power of fashion in our day-to-day lifestyle. Focusing on delivering quality, handmade apparel and jewelry in small batches, creating only a handful of pieces in each design. 

Our style?

Armor & Arrows is inspired by the beach and ocean, as well as the iconic rock & roll street style - Holding detail and authenticity as its backbone and fusing simple silhouettes with edgy undertones!

The goal of Armor & Arrows is to create styles that are special, uniquely timeless, well made, and above all - slow made in house. 

What is slow made?

Originally started in France, the 'slow made' movement was created to challenge the consumer driven model of 'fast fashion' - something that our modern day society is immersed in. 

Slow made covets the idea that objects of art and design will take longer, will be produced better and more thoughtful, encouraging sustainability with a longer shelf life. When we slow down and consciously seek out clothing that fits well, flatters us and shines light on our true style, we make sound choices instead of hasty ones.

Our world today has replaced quantity or quality in the mass market. Slow fashion reminds us that products can have a substantial value! Quality clothing and accessories usually will last longer, fits better, holds its shape through wear and laundering. What's more, choosing quality goods rather than disposable, reduces the amount of clothing and textiles that end up in our landfills every year.

Armor & Arrows: well made and well loved.



For wholesale inquiries, please email sales@armorandarrows.com