Utah Fashion Week: That's a Wrap!

Posted by Kristin Silvestri on

We were so thankful to have the opportunity to show our newest collection at Utah Fashion Week last week. What an amazing week and show! Since we've started Armor & Arrows, we've never done a runway show...so this was most definitely a boundary pusher for us! 
We were accepted into the show back in December and had just under 3 months to create our 12 looks for the show! EEEK! Not a lot of time. Luckily we had already begun creating our sketches and designs for the next collection launch (Summer 17) and it was easy to just continue down the same road. 
Safe to say we wanted to WOW everyone, but still stay try to our ideals and what Armor & Arrows stands for: being a badass! As you have seen in our collections, we blend simple feminine silhouettes with some awesome edgy undertones.

We had 12 opportunities so put our vision into style! 

It was incredible (and stressful) putting visions together, picking fabrics, creating accents on each design, and pushing our boundary of design with new silhouettes that we'd never created before! For example, a jumpsuit! Whoa was that fun, and looked amazing on the runway! 


Our models were so lovely to work with - bright, spirited, absolutely beautiful ladies and we had so much fun with all of them! We also had a fabulous hair and makeup team who pulled of (in record time) our show vision! 

Here are some pics and little clips from the show! More to come soon. 

AND...our collection will be available very very soon so stay connected for our new arrivals and most favorite collection thus far! 


Thank you thank you thank you!!! We had so much fun! xx

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